I have been in the paint and wallcovering business as a contractor and retailer since the late seventies. Several years ago I arrived at a customer’s log home to look at some interior finishing work that they wanted to complete. The exterior of the home was SPECTACULAR! The logs were glowing with a naturally rich color. They had that just varnished look. Based on my past experiences with exterior varnish on logs, I commented that I loved the look of the logs, but the finish would probably peel. The customer chuckled and informed me that the finish was applied six years prior. It looked as if the finish had been recently applied. The customer told me that the finish used was Sikkens. Since I was so impressed, I immediately sought to add Sikkens wood care products to our offerings at the store.


Sviland’s has been selling and advising our customers on the proper use of Sikkens wood care products for many years now. Our customers are thrilled to have available to them these tried and true wood care products. Sikkens wood care products are available in a variety of interior and exterior finishes and colors. From translucent to opaque, these finishes are used worldwide and have no equal. They are simply the best. Stop in with your wood care needs, check out our beautiful product display,and get the expert advice you need.